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General Information

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PLEASE NOTE: The doors to the school building will be locked at 4:40 and will be unlocked at 5:25; locked at 6:10 and unlocked at 6:55. This is for the safety of the children and adults in the building. Parents should make every effort to drop their children off on time. 

Immaculate Conception Parish

K-8 Religious Education Program

Program & Safety Information


Class Time & Location

  • Sunday Classes:  10-10:50 am in the Immaculate Conception Middle School Building (119 Washington Ct).  

  • Monday Classes:  4:30-5:30 pm and 6:00-7:00 pm in the Immaculate Conception Lower School Building (25 Washington Ct; use Washington St. entrance).


Pick-Up Policy

Parents/Guardians must enter the building to pick-up their children following their Religious Education class. 

  • Grades K-3 - parents/guardians should pick up from the classroom. 

  • Grades 4-8 - parents/guardians should meet their children in the first floor hallway of Lower School or Msgr. Meehan Hall of Middle School.  


Important Note on Parking

When picking up your child(ren) from Religious Education, you may park your car in one of the two Upper School parking lots or on the side of Washington Street opposite to IC Lower School in legal parking spaces.  We cannot emphasize strongly enough that parking is not allowed in front of driveways or in any manner which would block surrounding streets, as this is both unlawful and inconsiderate to our neighbors on Washington Street, Washington Court, and Grant Court.  Please note that the Marlborough Police Department will take notice and will be ticketing any illegally parked or standing cars throughout the year.


Classroom Policy

  • Please remind your child(ren) that students they should treat the classrooms, desks, and materials with respect. Other children use these desks every day.  Destruction to the Immaculate Conception Parish and School property will be addressed immediately.

  • Food and drinks are not allowed in the classrooms during Religious Education.


Winter Weather

Religious Education Classes will be cancelled if the Marlborough Public Schools cancel for the day.  Winter Weather Cancellations will be posted at:

  • Our parish facebook page (@icmarlborough)

  • Channel 4 (WBZ) & Channel 5 (WCVB) & Channel 7 (WHDH)


Stay Connected

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to sign-up for Gospel at Home updates to help connect your child’s lessons with at-home discussions.  Sign-up at http://www.pflaumweeklies.com/parents/


We are here to help you in your role as the primary teacher of the faith for your children.  


Opportunities to Join in the Fun!

The religious education program relies on volunteers.  Please consider volunteering as a substitute teacher, classroom aide, hall monitor, or crossing guard for a day/week/or month.  Families also are welcome to serve many roles in the 9 AM Family Masses (1st & 3rd Sundays of the month).  Email religious.education@icmarlboro.org to join in the fun of family faith formation!

Our Mission

Immaculate Conception Parish supports parents as the primary educators of their children and takes seriously the obligation to assist them in the faith formation of their young children and teens.  Our overarching goal in religious education is summed up very simply: To teach as Jesus taught.  Jesus is at the heart of all religious education.

Our basic objective:

  • To bring every student closer to Jesus

  • To guide our students in the formation of values and a moral code in harmony with our Catholic Christian heritage

  • To pass along the rich tradition of the Catholic faith

We are preparing students for discipleship and citizenship.  It is our hope that parents and parish share a common goal: our young people will become people who give witness to their Catholic Christian faith.  Participation at weekly Mass, and prayer in the home are integral to the spiritual growth of children and teenagers.  The information and formation they receive from our program supplements what they see and do within the family.  Both dimensions of religious education – family life and parish program of instruction – will be with them forever.  Faith will be the context in which they live their lives.  It will be their consolation in bad times, their strength in difficult times, their source of praise and thanksgiving in joyful times.  Their lives will model the virtues of faith, hope and love and their lives will be healthier and happier because of this.

Attendance: Weekly attendance, with students arriving on time is essential to the students' religious education and spiritual growth.  An entire year of religious education instruction amounts to only approximately 24 hours of class time.  They are with us just one day or less out of 365!  Every class is important.  If your child has to miss class for a serious reason, please call the Religious Education Office at 508-481-7535 and leave the message on voicemail.  Please assist your teen in structuring her/his after school activities and part time job schedule so that there is no conflict with our weekly religious education commitment.


Participation: Because our time together is so brief, we depend on the cooperation of each student and the cooperation of each family to assist in making the most of each class hour.  Again, students are expected to come on time.  It is disruptive to class flow and disruptive to class flow and disrespectful of the teacher and other students if a student is habitually late.  We all recognize the fact that circumstances beyond a student's/parent's control occasionally may affect a student's promptness.  We hope that this is a rare occurrence.  Students coming directly to class from a school activity may have a problem arriving on time for a number of weeks.  In this case, they must speak to the Director and teacher to inform them of the situation ahead of time.

Sacramental Years: Please note that both our First Eucharist and Confirmation preparation programs consist of a two year time span.  Therefore, students wishing to receive First Eucharist in Grade Two must first complete the Grade One year of religious education.  Likewise, students wishing to receive Confirmation in Grade Ten must first complete the Grade Nine year of religious education.

Behavior Code: Mindful of our Mission to prepare students for discipleship and citizenship, we strive to foster behavior that will promote a more civilized society.  Everything that goes on at religious education class, before, during and after the class hour must be rooted in the basic principle of respect.  An atmosphere of mutual respect between the teacher and students, and among students in a class, is the linchpin upon which learning revolves.  All students must be respectful of Parish property, most notable the School buildings which we share with the children and teachers in the Parish School.  We are committed to providing every student who wants instruction with a place in our program.  However, we must also weigh the needs and demands of one student in a class against the needs of the class as a whole.  If a student, in any grade, is unwilling or unable to act respectfully toward others or is disrespectful of parish property, we will notify the parents.  If unacceptable behavior continues, the student will be admitted to class only if accompanied by a parent for the class hour, or the parent will be invited to instruct the child at home.  The Religious Education Office will provide teaching materials and support the parent in this task.

Our students come to class after a long and busy day.  So too, our teachers come to class after long and busy day of work inside and outside their homes.  All of our teachers are extremely dedicated and most generously volunteer their time.  Teachers deserve to be treated with respect and appreciated for their effort.